Happy Birthday Jesus!


(A True Christmas Song)

by Dale Evans Rogers

What does Christmas really mean?

And what are we celebrating?

It’s a wonderful time, but I wonder,

If we forget to remember

The One who remembered you,

And the one who remembered me,

On a hill far away, that shameful day,

When He paid our debt on Calvary.


Happy Birthday, hear my plea,

Take my life, Lord, as a token,

For thy birthday means to me:

Life eternal, everlasting,

Peace on earth, good will to men.


Happy Birthday, A-men

Merry Christmas, Friends and Family!

When we were children my mother taught us this Dale Evans Rogers gospel song and had us four children (Beth, David, Jane and Rusty) sing it before the church one Christmas. I wish I could sing it for you, for both the words and melody are beautiful.

It’s now late Christmas evening. It was a good day. I entertained; my guests have left; I’m pleasantly exhausted; and I have a sweet measure of joy in my heart. Thank You Jesus for all You are to me. Happy Birthday, Gentle Savior!

If you found this blog, chances are I’ve sent you an email inviting to read along and to participate, if you like, in an ongoing discussion—from a Christian perspective—concerning some of the big worldview questions of life. A number of people in my world, of late, have been challenging me with some fairly Big Questions. Questions regarding our salvation, suffering and the sovereignty of God, the second coming of Christ and the rapture, etc. etc.

So I thought we’d start out with the foundational issue of salvation and I expect some of these others issues will be answered along the way, or if not, then addressed in their own series of posts.

I’m excited. I’ve given my life to the pursuit of understanding the things of God, the Big Worldview Questions of life. And I’m happy to have friends who have challenged me with their wisdom, experiences and perspectives along the way.

This present blog was initiated by way of an email conversation I had with my friend Michelle. And also with her parents Mike and Barb. And there are others, too, who I’ve lately entered into conversations with on the deep theological issues of soteriology, christology, theodicy, eschatology, etc. Big heavy words, I know. But I hope to be able to break it all down into simple explanations of the truths we have to go by from Scripture.

I plan to make this blog a priority for 40 days—from Christmas to Marmot Day (February 2), starting  with a discussion on the doctrine of salvation. Please feel free to participate at any level. Read. Make comments. And if you’d like to write and post things yourself just ask me for Author status, and I’ll program you into the blog. There’s a slight learning curve for Authoring posts, at least for me—I’m still getting accustomed to the interface. But, however you want, if you do read along, please leave feedback, answers and questions, your thoughts and encouragements.  And ‘Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be Glory forever and ever. Amen’ (Galatians 1:3-5).

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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Jesus!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Hey David! How well I do remember. Perhaps I shouldn’t post..I don’t want to add downers to what you are trying to say or how you feel. For me this song makes me sad…a time when things were presented in a way that they were not. It isn’t the song or the reason for the season but the memories that I associate it with. I am past the anger and now only grieve for what was so I guess you can say I am on the road to recovery. I hope that you can understand and that this does not bring you down. We can’t change the past but we can make a difference in the here and in the time to come. I do have to ask!!!!! What the heck is Marmot Day????? Sorry to sound so silly but really what is it?! I am glad that you found a closeness and sincere love of God. I believe – I do, so much of what we were taught was solied and I am still struggling with separating the truth from the carriers. Thank you for sharing your blog..I love you!

  2. marmot Says:

    Thanks, Beth. I love you back, and understand completely. Those early years we were brought up in a sick fundamentalist world. Fundamentalism, I suspect, is the devil’s favorite form of sickness. You are not alone in your grief.

    Many Americans who’ve lived exclusively in the east don’t know what a marmot is. However, the common groundhog, also called a woodchuck is part of the squirrel family of marmots; marmota monax monax is their scientific classification. I fondly refer to Groundhog Day, February 2, as Marmot Day. It marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

  3. Susan Says:

    I was searching the internet for the words to this song. My father first sang at Christmas in our church this song when I was a little girl and then I started singing it. It’s one of my favorite solos, but I’ve since lost the sheet music, so I’ve sang this song acapella many times. It reminds me of what Christmas really is about.

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